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Things You Can Learn from High School Dramas

“No matter what the truth is, people always see what they want to see.”

And they also say all the things you want to hear. Here’s a little example: a friend of mine said I looked like Taylor Momsen when I told her I would love to have Taylor’s hairstyle. I’m a short brunette and an Asian. Taylor’s a tall blond. I mean, WTH?? Second thought, maybe, she just wanted to make me happy. But by telling a white lie?


Taylor Momsen

“Don’t trust everyone; they all will disappoint you in the end.”

Your friends, your boyfriend, and every single living (and dead) human in this planet.

Why I said those words:

I used to have a friend. Just call her V. I used to think she’s just fun, harmless and a bit superficial. Even tough my other friends informed me all about V’s dirt; I actually still believe in her and stay friends with her. I was like, “It’s okay. She’s only human.” GOD, I was so naïve.

Time goes on and we transferred to another school with 2 of our friends, call them T and S. S was so depressed, thought moving school was the worst mistake she made in her life, and I often found her crying. T’s stronger than S, even tough she missed her friends, she still can put on her “poker face”. V’s another story, she moved on so fast, she found some friends, and she’s dating the popular-kid-you-hate-but-you-don’t-dare-to-do-anything-to-him-and-his-power (I’m not exaggerating, I ever overheard his fellow so-called-popular-friend talk shit about him, and another friend of mine actually told me she hated him).

Then, V backstabbed S. V talked shit about S to me and god knows who else. I kept those shits to myself, told myself not to believe it and stay quiet. Before long, S realized the shit, even without me telling her. Those shits definitely put S on a miserable and hated position around everyone (a trusted friend informed me something she heard from her friend about the shit V ever told me).

Around a month ago I visited my friends and my bf in my old school. A mutual friend came to me and asked me to confirm a rumor about me and my bf. To my surprise, she mentioned something I only told V privately (and that means when no one is around). V talked about and without me. I started to run out of my patience.

On an ordinary day, like usual, I log on my msn account S told me something about V’s bitchy actions to her. I exploded. I cornered V online (I wish I had more patience and did it face to face). In the end, V asked me, “Are we still friends?” I answered yes and even said good luck after she said something about breaking her habit.

Time passed by, a very reliable source, my bff, M informed me that another trusted friend told her about S burst out (and shaded her tears) her side of the story of the evilness of V in a friend’s party. I can’t believe V’s still doing it to S!

I don’t want to talk to V anymore.

You might wondering, “What is she doing? It’s not even her problem”, or suggesting, “She should STFU.”

In my defense, V and S knew each other and used to be friends longer than I and V used to. V actually did (and still doing) those things to S. V can (and will, certainly) do those things to me. I mean, I already know she talked about me behind my back, and god knows what else she did. And I don’t want to be involved (especially as a main character) on her drama. So, I “backed off” and problem solved.

And, finally, don’t waste your breath telling me to be a good girl and stay friends with V. I won’t. She already lost my trust. And I don’t want to be involved anymore.

Just don’t make the same mistake.

Have a nice life,



Free Friday

Hey people!

To spend my freedom over 1 precious day of my long weekend, I & Nadine went to my former school. Before that, I went to Nadine’s house, where I met  Raisin & Mocca. Thanks to Nadine’s super kind mom, we could go to school without taxi.

Recess time, I met my gorgeous bffs, Santika, Michelle, Stella, Kim, Kristel, Kriska, etc, and my bf ( I gave him “Pocky” for his belated birthday present). The bell rang.

I & Nadine spent like forever waiting for a taxi to go to Puri. But then, Nadine decided to stay at school, waiting for their school to ring this week’s final bell in library.

The bell rang. I’ve received like one fourth bag of chocolates from him, thanks to Santika. Finally, I got home (thanks to Michelle’s “Cinderella cart”).

It was so much fun. I even forgot to ask for yearbook refund (my class’ layout is destroyed by the superficial drama of bitches, long story).

I wish Chintia was there. She could be in her very own personal playground of bliss and happiness.

Oh, and Jow texted me. She’s still struggling and she misses home. Good luck Jow!

Hope you guys enjoy your Friday.

Good night!!


Six Months = Hell + pure madness

Hey people!

As time goes by, there’ll always be changes revolve around all of us.

For me, these 6 months are pure madness.

A lot of things are kept changing.

– I transferred school, to a suburb. So, I have to wake up before the sun even rise (that explains these eye bags) and took a bus (ironically, I often being late).

– My best friend, Jow, stuffed her belongings into massive bags and (I believe) are still trying to settle  in her new home in Australia. We’ve lost touch for weeks. I miss her.

– My best friends & sweet schoolmates, Chintia and Nadine are depressed, mostly about school, how things change badly.

– A friend of mine (also my other schoolmate), Ivonne, has moved on, too moved on I think. We feel like she’s forgetting her old friends (she prefers to sleep than to visit her old friends)? Obviously. Her first bf? Well, duh.

– My boyfriend. Time isn’t seemed enough. We broke up once. Is it me or we’re starting to get colder and colder?

– My hair. I cut it short, as short as Jenny Humphrey (GossipGirl season 2)

– the list goes on and on…

These things are absolutely messing up my mental health!

What doesn’t kill us simply makes us stronger right?

I hope so.