Free Friday

Hey people!

To spend my freedom over 1 precious day of my long weekend, I & Nadine went to my former school. Before that, I went to Nadine’s house, where I met  Raisin & Mocca. Thanks to Nadine’s super kind mom, we could go to school without taxi.

Recess time, I met my gorgeous bffs, Santika, Michelle, Stella, Kim, Kristel, Kriska, etc, and my bf ( I gave him “Pocky” for his belated birthday present). The bell rang.

I & Nadine spent like forever waiting for a taxi to go to Puri. But then, Nadine decided to stay at school, waiting for their school to ring this week’s final bell in library.

The bell rang. I’ve received like one fourth bag of chocolates from him, thanks to Santika. Finally, I got home (thanks to Michelle’s “Cinderella cart”).

It was so much fun. I even forgot to ask for yearbook refund (my class’ layout is destroyed by the superficial drama of bitches, long story).

I wish Chintia was there. She could be in her very own personal playground of bliss and happiness.

Oh, and Jow texted me. She’s still struggling and she misses home. Good luck Jow!

Hope you guys enjoy your Friday.

Good night!!



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