Six Months = Hell + pure madness

Hey people!

As time goes by, there’ll always be changes revolve around all of us.

For me, these 6 months are pure madness.

A lot of things are kept changing.

– I transferred school, to a suburb. So, I have to wake up before the sun even rise (that explains these eye bags) and took a bus (ironically, I often being late).

– My best friend, Jow, stuffed her belongings into massive bags and (I believe) are still trying to settle  in her new home in Australia. We’ve lost touch for weeks. I miss her.

– My best friends & sweet schoolmates, Chintia and Nadine are depressed, mostly about school, how things change badly.

– A friend of mine (also my other schoolmate), Ivonne, has moved on, too moved on I think. We feel like she’s forgetting her old friends (she prefers to sleep than to visit her old friends)? Obviously. Her first bf? Well, duh.

– My boyfriend. Time isn’t seemed enough. We broke up once. Is it me or we’re starting to get colder and colder?

– My hair. I cut it short, as short as Jenny Humphrey (GossipGirl season 2)

– the list goes on and on…

These things are absolutely messing up my mental health!

What doesn’t kill us simply makes us stronger right?

I hope so.



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